At SASCU we believe that Everyone has the right to provide for themselves and their families, increase their well-being, and participate in developing the social, economic situation of their societies as equal citizens.


SASCU provides pathways for deprived and at – risk both young women and men to acquire relevant market competitive knowledge, skills and opportunities that enable them obtain decent gainful employment and other life opportunities. Our Interventions include vocational training, saving groups and business cooperatives for youth and women, entrepreneurship skills enhancement, apprenticeships and life skills training.


Mentorship, on-the-job placements, job-seeking support and business start-up support form the core of the service portfolio that we have designed to smoothen the transition from education to working life.

We also work for food security, particularly by supporting sustainable smallholder agriculture that enables families to fulfil their own needs and deliver their surplus to the market in exchange for a decent income.


We focus on both families of resettled children and families at risk of losing their children to the street.

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