Protecting vulnerable children from all forms of violence in all settings is at the heart of SASCU’s interventions and is part of the safeguarding process that ensures that children’s welfare and growth are enhanced. Abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation are serious child rights violations that are continually affecting thousands of children in Uganda. Street Children and unaccompanied or separated refugee children encounter violence, sexual abuse, and child labor arising from peers, communities, security agencies and local authorities.

SASCU aspires to promote the protection of vulnerable children as underscored by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and other relevant human rights and humanitarian instruments. At SASCU we focus on supporting families and community structures to provide safeguarding mechanisms to ensure that children are protected from abuse, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation. We also ensure that children at risk of suffering abuse and those that have already suffered abuse are rescued and provided safe spaces where they can thrive.

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