Innocent Byaruhanga Oburye

Innocent Byaruhanga Oburye is the Founder of Save Street Children Uganda (SASCU). As a child, he lived on the streets of Kampala for nine years. In 1999, a missionary shared the love of Jesus with him, introduced him to Christ and gave him a home. For the first time after almost a decade, he was able to smile effortlessly. He accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour and God set him on a new path to serve him and grow his kindgom. “I know the touch of a cold and hollow night, I know the breath of hate, but I also know that I want more for the world. I want every child to have a place to call home; I want every child to explore opportunities and reach their full potential. That is when I birthed the vision of SASCU - which started in 2005 – with only a few children in our support, given the limits of our capacity as a young charity in the founding years.” Today, God has grown SASCU greatly! We have rescued and reintegrated hundreds of children from the street and vulnerable communities and hundreds continue to be reunited with their families. “A family brought together is a price only paid with a child’s smile.” This has been made possible through your love, prayers and endless support and efforts. Behold, children are a blesssing to us from God. They are made in his own image so that they can be disciples of the Kingdom. “I know the desolation, futility, disapproval and misconception that children in street situations face every passing second – it surely makes my heart bleed. God has placed a strong desire in me to become an advocate for children's rights. I hope God touches your heart as he has mine, and gives you a desire to protect children.” The Bible asks us to plead the case of the orphans (Jeremiah 5:28), defend them (Psalms 82:3, Isaiah 1:17), not deprive them justice (Deuteronomy 24:17) and look after them (James 1:27). . Join our efforts in the work God is doing and become an instrument of change in the lives of the less advantaged children.

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