Oct 21 2023

Education & Skilling


SASCU recognizes that when children and young people lack quality basic knowledge, skills and tools, they are bound to remain in a vicious cycle of poverty, they will not attain their full potentials and this will in turn affect their own children or families.

At SASCU we strive to promote access to quality formal education as well as skills training for former Street Children, refugee children, other vulnerable children and young people through Early Childhood Care Development (ECCD), primary and secondary education as well as tertiary education.

SASCU supports vulnerable and marginalized children not only to enroll but to stay in school. We rollout interventions that have been proven to promote learning both in school and community settings. Our interventions ensure children are adequately supported to read and write ,and that schools, families and communities create stimulating, safe, happy and child friendly learning and even pre learning environments. We ensure appropriate teaching and learning materials are in place for use in schools, homes and other relevant settings and also ensure extracurricular learning opportunities and relevant infrastructure are available.

At SASCU we are committed to providing an education for children and young people we work with, and because SASCU’s goal is to develop responsible and self-reliant young adults, we support the education of children who live at SASCU as well as the children who we have reunited with families in the community to receive a quality education as they gain the necessary skills and knowledge required to thrive in the 21st century.


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