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Through the Education programme, Save Street Children Uganda secures quality basic education for children in street situations and vulnerable communities. Beneficiary children are further provided with scholastic materials. Children with diverse talents in Music, Dance and Drama, sports and art; are given an opportunity to exploit such talents and further their careers.

"We Commit to offer Quality Education to Children"

The Situation

SASCU Responding To the Education Needs of Children in Street Situations

SASCU enhances the capacity of children in street situations through its sponsorship program to access equitable and quality education at primary, secondary and institutional level.
To ensure that Uganda achieves its vision of every child acquiring quality education by 2040, SASCU has developed strategies to ensure that all children rescued from the streets and other vulnerable children in the communities where we operate complete primary and secondary education by providing education scholarships, extending capacity building programmes to teachers, setting up schools and strengthening Early Childhood Development (ECD). Education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. It ensures that all girls and boys complete primary and secondary schooling; provides equal access to affordable vocational training; and eliminates gender and wealth disparities with the aim of achieving universal access to quality higher education.

Early Childhood Development

The first six years of a child’s life is a time of great promise and rapid change, when their developing brain is most open to the influence of relationships and experiences. However, millions of children across the world are at risk of not reaching their full potential because they do not get the care and stimulation they need in the early stages of life. An integrated and holistic approach that is child centered and community based has been adopted to promote and strengthen the capacity of vulnerable families and communities as the first line of action to address child protection, survival and development issues and provide an all-round environment for children.

"Every Child Deserves the Best Start in Life"

“I am excited to be in school.”

Shafik, 12, a former street-connected child who was able to go back to school through the SASCU sponsorship programme.

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