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After my father’s separation with my mother, they bother agreed that I should stay with my father for some reason up to now I do not understand because all my other siblings were sent to my father’s village. I was about twelve years old and the second born. My mother went to stay with her sister, and I stayed with my father in Mulago. But before all this, my father had made several attempts to sexually abuse me. I could not tell anyone not even my mother because she wouldn’t believe me anyway. On the very day of my mother’s departure he eventually succeeded. I lost my virginity to my own father. He continuously did it that at some point in time I felt I was his second wife.

This turned me wild that I felt I was now mature and I could sleep with any man regardless of age. I decided to go and stay with my friends who was renting a room in kyebando. We were both teenagers, no jobs. Her background was not so far from mine as we all survived on our God given nature of being girls. I eventually got pregnant and my friend run away from me. One of our neighbors took me as a house helper until I gave birth. The baby died five weeks after delivery because she was born with HIV/AIDS and I was also positive. My neighbors/ boss asked to her to my father because the body of the baby had to buried, which I did.

After the burial my boss could not take me in any more so I was left at my father’s place where I could not stay with the history I had with my father. It was at this point that I actually joined the streets at an age of fourteen years. While on the streets I kept on looking for temporary jobs until a landed at mawanda road police station asking the lady officers if they had any job for me. Being a child the Officer in Charge got concerned thus calling one of social workers from a nearby organization and this was my turning point. The social worker got so involved that my father was arrested and lots of information was brought one like that of my mother knowing that my father was abusing me sexually.

This organization, (SASCU) took me for proper medical tests and check ups and also reunited me and my mother. I am now on medication but there is still one problem, I am allergic to all medicines the contain sulpher.