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SAVE THE STREET CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL Save The Street Children International is a Not for Profit Tax Exempt 501C3 organization based in the USA (EIN) 45-2822269 as an umbrella organization to support the grassroots work of Save Street Children Uganda geared towards transforming the social economic status of vulnerable children in Uganda There are 3 main aims of Save the Street Children International:

•To raise awareness about the plight of street children in Uganda and the work of SASCU
•To be a financial resource to the objectives of SASCU
•To encourage and equip volunteers to serve both in Uganda and in the USA

Save the Street Children International is governed by two Independent Board of Directors committed to the wellbeing of Children. The Ugandan Board and the US Board. The US Board, started in 2016 as a support to the Uganda Board that consists of the following members:

•Innocent Byaruhanga – Founder& Executive Director
•Bart McHenry – Chairperson/International Director
•Robert Evers - Treasurer
•Dee Dee Evers
•Keith Dennison
•Kim Dennison
•Katelyn McHenry