Sports Gear


Sports is a great way for children to learn essential life skills that will serve them in later life, such as teamwork and cooperation.

Ugandan children are continuously on the move, they enjoy playing with each other and challenge themselves in various sport competitions.

Footballs, badminton rackets, basketball, hoops, bicycles, roller skates and many others are gifts that our children get excited about.

Social skills for kids are built by playing with other children, where they can form friendships and have fun. However, this is not possible for children living on the street. Imagine the good times kids can share with other kids when you help to provide sports equipment.

With this gift, you are handing over so much fun and excitement which helps the children to overcome their past.

The children in our facility already have sports gear to play with, but somewhat gets always lost or broken and needs to be replaced. With your financial support, you help us to easily replace individual items and also purchase additional ones.

This isn’t just a soccer ball, nets, or basketballs, it is time to play for children every day.  Just maybe, one day you will get to score that goal with the kids team.