Sewing Machine + Training


Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with 77% of its inhabitants aged under twenty five years. Nearly a quarter of the girls that are aged between fifteen to nineteen years have a baby or are pregnant. Usually, this forces them to drop out of school and leave their parents’ home.  They seek shelter with their grandparents, friends or NGOs that offer help.

With your gift we offer a young mother a six months tailoring training after which she receives a sewing machine as an essential part of the startup kit. This program also includes lunch and daily transport to the training center.  With those professional tools she is able to start her own small business that brings in the money that is needed for her small family. This opportunity is mainly used by girls and women, and not by men.

The course take place twice a year. The groups consist of between fifteen and twenty five students.  Our success rate is 70%.

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How does it work:

Our organization works directly with the children and youths in the communities which means that we know their respective needs very well.  In order to distribute your gifts fairly, we keep a list of young mothers that want to be trained in order to be able to start their own business