Seeds and Tools


In Uganda, families rely on their small squares of land in order to produce food and get the most from their small farms.

Your Gift will support families with seeds for fruits and vegetable as well as with hoes and spades. This gift will allow families in rural communities to put food on the table this thanksgiving and every other celebration after.

Finally, the farmers would grow enough crops to feed the entire household and have possible surpluses to sell at the local markets. The extra income contributes to the children’s education and healthcare.

This modest gift will give families everything they need to grow healthy, nutritious food, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

How does it work:

As with all of our gift giving, we strive to ensure that it follows a fair process. Our social workers work directly with families and communities, which means we are informed about the local needs. Internally we keep a list on which the respective gift order is written down. As soon as you have decided on this gift, our social worker buys and brings the seeds as well as the tools to the family in turn. We regularly check whether our gift is still in good condition. This includes the proper maintenance of the device, planting of the seeds and harvesting of the yields as well as the prohibition on selling the tools.