Saving Box


When was the last time you saw a savings box in your home?  Well, that is because you have a bank account.  As a single woman in a rural community, there is never enough money but as a team, the women are financially strong enough to not only save money but they can even start their own local business together.

Your gift is precious to our rural women who form a group of ten to twenty five individuals. The women will develop as a team and therefore be able to invest in small scale business, acquire loans and assets such as land. The extra income contributes to their economic independence as well as to their children’s food supply, education and health.

How does it work:

As with all of our gift giving, we strive to ensure that it follows a fair process. Our social workers work without middle men, which means we know every single need very well. Internally we keep a list on which the respective gift order is written down. As soon as you have decided on this gift, our social workers buy and bring the saving box to the women’s group in turn. We regularly check whether our gift is still in good use and if the women are doing their savings regularly. This includes the proper storage of the device as well as the prohibition on opening it before the end of every year.