Uganda has a large number of delicious dishes based on pig’s meat- we especially recommend trying “Kikalayi”.

Pigs are easy to keep, have many offspring and are fast growing. A slaughtered pig needs to be consumed right away, that it is more likely to be served on festive occasions when families come together.

However, the farmers can sell their meat surplus at local markets. The generated additional income allows the family to pay for their daily expenses.

Giving a pig to a family is truly like giving a lucky charm to someone who was wishing for it.

How does it work:

As with all of our gift giving, we ensure that it follows a fair process. We internally maintain a list on which the respective order is written down and we stick to it. Our social worker buys and brings your gifted pig, together with another one of the opposite sex, to the family in turn. These parent animals are not allowed to be slaughtered which is one of the fundamentals of the cooperation. We regularly check if only the offspring is used.