Ox Plough


When was the last time you saw an ox plough at work in your home country? In Uganda we also don’t see them very often… but we wish to change that.

Your gift is precious to our rural families who can cultivate large areas with it. Finally, the farmers would grow enough crops to feed the entire household and have possible surpluses to sell at the local markets. The extra income contributes to the children’s education and health.

How does it work:

As with all of our gift giving, we strive to ensure that it follows a fair process. Our social workers work without intermediaries, which means we know every single need very well. Internally we keep a list on which the respective gift order is written down. As soon as you have decided on this gift, our social worker buys and brings the plow to the family in turn. We regularly check whether our gift is still in good condition. This includes the proper maintenance of the device as well as the prohibition on selling it.