Fix a Well


Our organization does not only run two children’s facilities, but we are also strongly connected with the communities where we work. We regularly see poor access to clean water in rural communities. Women, together with children are forced to fetch water from far away rivers, lakes or even ponds. This contaminated water is responsible for a variety of serious diseases like malaria, dysentery, diarrhea and bilharzia.

The most affected ones are the children whose immune system is not yet strong enough to cope.

With your gift we are able to construct a borehole that supplies the community with clean water.  The children will walk shorter distances to fetch water and therefore have more time for school.

How does it work:

Our organization works directly with the communities, which means that we know their respective needs very well.  In order to distribute your gifts fairly, we keep a list of communities that have no source of clean water. Together with the local leaders of the respective communities, our program officer coordinates the process.