In Uganda, cattle are considered the most important livestock.  Cows are specifically very essential for the livelihood of the families that we work with, especially in rural communities. You see the animals freely grazing in the bushes, even in the shed.

They provide their owners with nutritious meat or up to forty litres of fresh milk every day. Some of the milk is consumed by the family and the surplus milk is sold. The money earned from the milk sales can be used for the children’s education and healthcare.

How does it work: With your support SASCU gives a family a cow that gives birth to at least one calf per year. The cow sometimes has twins, which makes it a very sustainable support.  When the first female calf is old enough, it is gifted to another family, which nurtures it until it gives birth to a calf that is then also given to another family. With this multiplication effect, in three years, your gift of ONE cow supports THREE families! The parent animals may not be slaughtered which is one of the fundamentals of the cooperation with our organization and the implementation is checked regularly.

Your gifted cow changes the opportunities of Ugandan families permanently.