Chickens are an essential meat source for families living in developing countries because these households usually do not have access to cooling facilities that could preserve their food. A chicken can be consumed in one day whereas the meat of a slaughtered pig or cattle would need a suitable storage space that is often not affordable. Of course, the chicken’s eggs also taste great and they are used in a wide variety of local dishes. Even the eggshells are reused as fertilizers in the fields.

How does it work:

It is not only your trust that we want to earn but it is also the trust of the families we support that we want to keep. That’s why we internally keep a list on which the respective gift order is written down. As soon as you have decided on this gift, our social worker buys and brings the chicken to the family in turn. The gifted family can use the eggs and the offspring for home use or they can sell the surplus at the local market. With this money, the parents can invest in the education and health of the children.