A Laptop For A Student


Like many teenagers around the globe, our children seek a self-determined life when they reach a certain age. Nevertheless, our organization remains a part of their family and we stay supportive and emotionally attached even when they have moved out. Our mission is so much more than keeping the children healthy and safe as they grow up. Just like parents do, we support them beyond the basic needs and they can count on us during their way into a promising future as educated young adults.

These students mainly finance their tuition fees with student loans and all kind of part-time jobs. The biggest one-time expense is the cost for the needed laptop and we are happy to offer support here. The students still have to work and learn hard but with this gift, you are literally giving them the tool to be able to do so.

How does it work:

Not all of our children decide to study when they reach that age. Some choose an apprenticeship or jump straight into their professional lives and acquire skills for it. This is why we have limited needs for this gift and why it is only available from time to time. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it makes a big difference for those who are hoping for it at the moment. As soon as you choose this gift, we buy the laptop and handover to the student.