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Mission Trips


One of SASCU’s long term dreams is to have a sustainable village on an enormous piece of land outside the city's hustle, so as to enable the development of income generating projects which will henceforth benefit the orphans, vulnerable children and youth as well as vulnerable communities. This is largely aimed to create employment, through agriculture, youth transferabe skills, industrial training,tertiary institutions and entrepreneurship projects. High school and University youth and Christians from the West come on short term missions to Uganda, and experience some of the remarkable things God is doing in children's lives. When the missionaries return home they take back with them a better understanding of the strengths and challenges faced in Uganda. It is easy to watch and forget a few brief seconds of news or a half hour documentary, but it is another thing if you spend a couple of weeks sharing experiences with the affected communities.

Since 2009, SASCU has been hosting teams from USA, Europe and other parts of the world.Some of these teams work for SASCU. They are majorly take on inhouse activities such as administration education, sports, music dance and drama, art and craft, street outreach, Pamoja, Shoe making project,sensitisation and advocacy, fundraising, as well field reasearch. some sponsor children through SASCU’s sponsorship scheme while others just felt that they just had to go; when God says to you GO, you know what you have to do.

The next mission trip to Uganda will be held in early April, 2016 and later in August. You can make a difference by participating in the mission trips and for further details please contact info@sascu.org