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A child who comes to our home from the streets will typically spend three years in our care. It will depend on the condition in which that child will find itself as to which parents or relatives will be available for him/her. It is our goal to teach them Christian values as we provide for their most urgent needs. As we do this, we try to help them grow emotionally, spiritually and physically. While a child is in our home, our family empowerment program will work with the child’s family. At the same time, we teach parents/guardians some small income-generating projects to support their families and to keep their children off the streets Overall, we offer counseling, encouragement and support to children in our care. If a child in our care is an orphan, we will seek permanent placement through foster care adoption.

So what happens after three years?

By this point it is time to resettle the children back with their respective family. In 2008 alone we will have settled more than thirty young children with their families or immediate relatives. We believe that we have equipped these children with skills they need to succeed in life, and trust that their parents are well prepared to receive them back home.
We are proud as these children have experienced the loving care of the staff at Save Street

Children Uganda.

They begin their journey home by saying good-bye to their friends they have been with at Save Street Children Uganda. These children have been together for years and are more likely siblings than friends. They eat together, wash clothes together, pray together, play together after school, and sleep in the same rooms as a family. So it is also a kind of bitter sweet good-bye as a child leaves us to be reconciled with his/her family.


But the journey doesn’t end with this good-bye. Save Street Children Uganda has a commitment to these children. It ensures that they are being taken care of within their families by conducting routine, follow-up home visits. Thus, the children who have been resettled will continue to remain part of our family.