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Child &Family Economic Empowerment


Many children living on the streets are victims of poverty as they are forced to join the streets due to failure to access basic needs like food, clothing and education. Empowering the families to increase incomes in their households is one measure that can greatly help improve the situation in vulnerable families as they are able to engage in small well managed businesses.

As a means of ensuring that resettled children do not go back to the street, they are provided with livelihood support. Children are given resettlement packages that include numerous items such as mattresses, clothing, vocational activity items (toolkits) and sometimes business startup resources. This has aided former street children to achieve economic sustainability and responsibility for their personal development. This intervention is aimed at economically equipping beneficiaries to transform the economic status of the family as well. We also extend the livelihood support program to affected families (families with vulnerable children) as a means of transforming them economically. This measure will allow families to be able to provide for the needs of their children as a way of stopping them from joining the street.